The Untold Secret Villas of Rome

Learn about Tivoli! Where Emperors constructed lavish gardens, villas, and art collections. 

Everyone goes to Rome. Of course! I lived there for 6 months so I know there’s always a million things to see and do and eat. If you’re on a time crunch, a quick google of “Things to do and see in Rome” will give you more than enough ideas. However, if you have the time, I truly recommend seeing a different side of Rome. To see the Empire beyond the ruins, into the lavish life of the emperors.

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Where to Dive with Sharks in Capetown, South Africa

Tips on seeing the Great Whites in Capetown by Shark Cage Diving.

Although I’m scared of the dark, and have slept with a night light for as long as I can remember, I’m pretty adrenaline seeking. This has included bungee jumping, skydiving (and generally jumping out of things in general) and shark tank diving!

Now, I understand that their are many people that have different opinions about this idea in regards to responsible tourism.

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Allons y! A Weekend Guide to Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Quebec is no doubt one of (if not only) the coolest, funnest, cities in Canada. Here’s a guide for 2-day guide to visiting the city. 

Having lived in different parts of Quebec for about a year, I made a few weekend trips to Montreal and it’s always a trip to look forward to. A special part of Canada, Montreal is this hybrid between renaissance Europe architecture, and modern, lively, young night life. 

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Cruise Port Itinerary: 36 Hours in Sydney, Australia

How to make the most of your cruise port schedule while docked in Sydney, Australia.

Challenge accepted.

I used to work in the cruising industry and one of the biggest (and incredibly rare) perks was free/highly discounted cruises. While I’m always so happy and grateful to go on cruises, I’ll admit, it’s not usually my style of travel. One of the biggest down sides though is that you only get to stay in the port for so long so you really have to take advantage of your time well…

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Learning the Art of the Tea Ceremony in Kyoto, Japan

The best place to learn the tea ceremony and explore a traditional Machiya townhouse in Kyoto, Japan.

Happy March!

March 3rd in Japan is Hinamatsuri which is Doll’s Day or Girls Day. It’s a celebration of the Heian period…

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The Secret Sand Dunes of Vietnam

Discover Mui Ne, Vietnam. Home to the lesser-known sand dunes. Learn tips and tricks for getting the most of your stay and capturing the best photos!

My family is from Vietnam so I’ve seen practically the entire country from top to bottom. Every time anyone asks me where to go they already have landmark places like Ha Long Bay on their list. But…

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A gossip girl inspired guide to NYC

Your complete guide to seeing New York City through the lens of Gossip Girl.

I loved Gossip Girl.

Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate and Dan were my everything. Judge all you want, but for years, no one was allowed to talk to me between 8-9pm on Mondays and the CW Network was all I needed to be happy…

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Creative Road Block

Starting a blog is hard. 

Sorry I’ve been away for the past week. While I’ve drafted a lot of ideas for this blog, I’m still a little unsure of my direction with it. Everyone says that a brand, website, even blog, needs direction. Well my direction in life has always been lost.

I swear it’s like I change my mind every 2 days.

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Winter Wonderland – Carnaval de Québec

How to make the most of your trip to Quebec’s Winter Festival! 

In my previous post, I had mentioned my summer in Quebec and how I fell in love with it. Well even after a summer in Quebec City, I didn’t have enough, so in the Winter, I returned for the Carnaval de Québec, a 2-week Winter Wonderland festival with Bonhomme, the happy snowman mascot running around to spread carnival joy. If you’re thinking about going (and I highly suggest that you do), here are some of my tips and tricks of where to stay and how to get there.

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Exchange Program: LUISS Guido Carli

Guide + Review of Erasmus Exchange Program at LUISS Guido Carli in Rome, Italy

A few years ago, I took the first step in creating my own adventure by moving to Italy for an exchange program. This is going to date me, but in 2012, Instagram wasn’t as big as it is now and I wasn’t able to find any real reviews of the school online, even from my own University. LUISS is very small, so only a handful of students end up going there.

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