MTMA is a blog about navigating your twenties. Designing a balanced life of adventure, school, travel and how to get organized to finance and plan it all.  

A play on words from Shakespeare's Hamlet quote "method to his madness" which means something that seems crazy at the beginning; but has a purpose. MTMA promotes being intentionally lost, it's okay not to have it all figured it out, but to want to work towards something more. In this blog you'll find posts about: 

- How to make the most out of your University/College years. 

- How to budget, finance, and organize that #adultinglife. 

- Travel - What's actually worth your money? I like to focus on smaller destinations and understanding the cultural practices like learning the art of the tea ceremony in Japan the unknown sand dunes of Vietnam.

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Hi there!

I’m Kimberly and I’ve come to learn that I describe myself as “pretending at life.” Sure, I’ve been lots of places but it’s the lessons more than anything I take away. On the outside, it may look  like I have my act together, but really I’m just faking it. I don’t know what I’m doing in life or my career or my direction, and only plan at the most, months in advance.  I’m just kind of going along with it hoping no one will see.

However, like a lot of people, the dots start to connect looking back. And now I’m hoping to apply everything I learn through this blog so it can help others. I paid off my student loans before I graduated, saved (and spent) $50,000 for travel in 5 years, and somehow created the foundation for a career a long the way. But it was a struggle. There were many nights I went to bed not knowing what I was doing, and many mornings that I questioned why I was working at this job or what the hell I was doing in this country. In the end it worked out okay but the story hasn’t ended – so follow a long!


Proudly Canadian

Travel Inspired

25+ countries over 5 continents at the age of 25 – I kind of became an “accidental world traveler.” It sounds strange but it’s never something I actively seek out; it’s something I did because I felt there were life lessons I needed to learn and I wanted to change and travel was the process to in which in all came about.

There was always something pulling me towards my destinations.

I learned to find peace while staying in a monastery in Thailand; the power of forgiveness in Rwanda; the simplicity of life as an au pair in a medieval town in France; and how strong I really was when I decided to live for 6 months in Italy by myself at 21.  I didn’t always like all the parts of me, and traveling in my twenties meant growing up through my travels.


Since I started, so many people (even those who I don’t talk to often) message me privately to ask where to go, what to do, and all sorts of travel advice. I’m super happy to help anyone make their most of their experience. I also spent 7 years working in the travel industry so it just comes as second nature to want to help people. So in addition to replying to people one on one all the time, I create blog posts for them.

If you have have something you're curious about - please email me at methodtomyatlas@gmail.com! I love hearing from other people or subscribe to my mailing list for monthly updates.

Who designed your logo?

I surprisingly get this a lot more than expected – I did! Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

This is not my first blog.

I’ve attempted this so many times I can’t even tell you. A lot of my previous work is housed on www.pretendingatlife.com, but I never found anything I super loved. Until I came up with Method to my Atlas, because I could have my creative side and travel side, and my organizational side. So the logo was relatively easy now that

Method to my Atlas is an accumulation of everything I’ve learned. It is mostly based in travel but mostly it aspires to encourage traveling not only to see the world in a different light but yourself.