I look forward all year to October. For me, not only is it one of the most beautiful times of the year, it’s also a time for new beginnings; which is what inspired the creation of this blog. Do I sound basic enough yet? Well just wait, I’ve got a story that involves a pumpkin and sorry in advance for the disappointment but it’s not the PSL.

Recently I just came back from a 4 trip through Africa and Europe and settling back into my routine life, I was looking to re-focus. I was hoping Fall would inspire me, but god did this weather not help. Vancouver was hit by a rainstorm so there were less big scarves and cute boots and more soaked socks and broken umbrellas. But like all things all it took was time, and by the third weekend the sun came out and I was able to do one of my favourite Fall activities,  the Chilliwack Pumpkin Patch. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also just a good time. Working in the city, sometimes it’s nice just to get away. Yes, even after living in a small town in Tanzania, I still consider an hour-long drive to a town with 80,000 people, “getting away.”

So, as I third-wheeled two of my closest friends, we strolled through the patch looking for the perfect pumpkin. And personally, I love the hunt, looking through the leaves and vines for the that perfectly Instagrammable pumpkin.


Boy did I find it. but on more careful inspection, I found that this pumpkin was nice on one side, but a mess on the other. While I loved it, I moved on. And after a quick photoshoot, and some scavenging later, I had found the perfect pumpkin. Beautiful, shiny,  and topped off with a perfect stem. However,  on our way back  I stopped mid-way to find that unperfect pumpkin again. Something about it called to me, because like me, it looks nice on one side but really, it’s just faking it.

And that’s the inspiration for this blog. Great story, huh? I’ve found recently that “pretending at life” is how I’ve been describing myself lately. On social media and the outside it looks like I have it together, but really I’m a hot mess of a pumpkin.

So let’s pretend like we’re picture-esque together…and hot glue will temporarily fix the stem that rotted off, it just hurts like hell when you burn yourself (how’s that for a metaphor?).